School Project Assassination

by SashaTeh
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School Project Assassination


A Top 10? Why?

A top ten list helps you better understand certain things about a subject better, and makes it easier to see which entry in the list id better.

I chose to use an obituary in my Glog because it makes a death seem more presonal if you can read about their life story and see their accomplishments. Reading about a person's life in detail helps understand how abruptly this person's life ended and how their life came to such a close. It also provides an interesting way to convey information about a typical assassination and such a scenario.

Why did I use an obituary?

10. Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963The assassination left many Kennedy assassination questions unanswered. 9. Malcolm X, 1965After realizing the potential of peaceful racial coexistence, he left the Nation of Islam. They killed him, leaving him unable to state his new views.8. Indira Gandhi, 1984Assassinated by her own bodyguards after her campaign against Sikh rebels.7. John Lennon, 1980For reasons not clear, David Chapman killed Lennon on his own doorsteps in New York.6. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968The death of this well-respected civil rights leader further intensified the black struggle for racial equality.5. John F. Kennedy, 1961He was shot by Lee Oswald in Dallas, TX on live television. Many believed he had the charisma and potential to be a great president. 4. Mohandas Gandhi, 1948In his death, India lost a leader who had the ability to lead its teeming masses, without raising his voice or advocating drastic measures.3. Franz Ferdinand, 1914His murder was the spark for the beginning of a conflict that lasted 4 years and engulfed most of Europe.2. Abraham Lincoln, 1865Assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln’s death was the aftermath of a divisive civil war in the United States. 1. Julius Caesar, 44 BCA powerful military and political personage, he was responsible for raising the Romans to new heights. His death triggered the end of the Roman Republic.

Top 10 Assassinations

Police Report

I chose a police report for several reasons. First of all, it fits the theme; it would make sense to have a police report if you are researching assassinations. Second, it makes the whole thing seem more official, and it shoes the reality of murders and that they really do happen on a regular basis.

Wait, but why a police report?

Sasha Trubetskoy


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