School Project 1

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School Project 1

Our World

Hello my name is Damjan,I'm from Serbia.And I really love games,and of coure I think i'm addicted.But yeah im not really really crazy because of games.I'm started to play games when i was 2 years old,and my first games was "Shrek 2","Zuma","Counter Strike 1.6" and "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas".Today I am playing "CS:GO","The Forest","Roblox","Fortnite","Minecraft","Stranded Deep" and "Unturned".And if you think I'm bad student,you are wrong;I'm excellent student.And I love to watch CS:GO world cup,and my favorite team is G2 Esports, and my favorite player is KennyS.And this is about him..... And my first game I am created is Red VS Blue,AND IT'S ON ROBLOXName:Kenny Schrub And my dream is to be on televisionBirth:May 19, 1995 (Age 22) to my family see me,and how I am Country:France France winnig trophies on WorldCup Status:Active Team:G2 Esports Role:AWPer Approx. Total Winnings:$500,838 Alternate IDs:Le MagicieN And i love music and movies, Games:Source My favorite music is Spolight and Ridin' Global Offensive And this is is mineeee...Name:Damjan Jovanovic Birth:April 5, 2007 (Age 10) Country:Serbia And my favorite movie is Resident Evli Status:Active Team:no team Role:SSgeaR Approx. Total Winnings:$0 Alternate IDs:Le MagicieN Games:CSGOOO And his is my favorite DJ Marshmello



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