School Lunches

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School Lunches

School Lunches

- Discuss different religions that have different diet restrictions- Have kids in class discuss the types of food they eat at home- Go to the cafeteria and look at foods that everyone can eat, and what others may not be allowed to eat-When watching the video, explain how their behavior isn't appropriate if you don't like something you eat or if you think it is weird.

3.C.1.1 Compare languages, foods and traditions of various groupsliving in local and regional communities.




Glog by:Danielle Makseyn

Ethinicity- Identity that is based on cultural similarity. Ethnicity may be based on common heritage, ways of life, nationality and/or religion.Halal-An Arabic word meaning “permitted.” The opposite of halal is haram, which means prohibited. For Muslims, most foods are halal, but some are haram. For school lunches, haram foods include: products made from pigs, animals that were not slaughtered according to Muslim laws, carnivorous animals, and blood and blood byproducts.Kosher- A Hebrew word meaning “proper” or “pure.” Kosher refers to a system of dietary rules based on Jewish law. Kosher food excludes: shellfish, products made from pigs, and blood and blood byproducts. Kosher rules also define how to slaughter animals, and exclude those that were not slaughtered properly. They also prohibit eating meat and dairy products together.Vegetarian- The practice of eating only foods that come from plants rather than animals. For many Hindus, vegetarianism is part of sadhana or spiritual practice, although Hinduism does not require that Hindus be vegetarian. Rather, it identifies the benefits of not eating meat.

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