School in the old days

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School in the old days


M- Do you remember any information about school? Did you have any facilities in your school?G- Oh dear, I don’t remember, sorry. I only remember that we used ink and fountine pen to write.M- How many students and teachers were there?G- In my class we were eighteen or twenty students and we had three or four teachers.M- Do you remember what were your teachers like?G- Yes, they were very strict, pretentious, intelligent and very eager.M- Who was your favourite teacher? Why?G- My favourite was Math teacher because she explained very well her subjects creating very interesting in the students.M- Can you tell me what subjects did you study?G- The normal subjects that you study too. Italian, Math, History, Geography and Geometry.M- What is your best memory of the school?G- The best thing that I remember is the friendship with my classmates. We had different ages but we was very close and we helped each other all the time.

M- Grandfather, can you tell me when and where you were born?G- I was born in Tarvisio (UD) on 10th October 1941.M- Did you live in the city or in the country, when you were born?G- I lived in the country.M- Where did you live exactly?G- I lived in central Tarvisio, in Cesare Augusto Street.M- Did you have any brothers or sisters?G- I had two brothers and one sister.M- Can you tell me where did you go to school?G- I went to school in Tarvisio. I remained there from 6 to 14 years old.M- How did you go to school?G- By foot.

G- Thank you very much my little dear to interview me, it’s always a pleasure talk to you and also remembering the past times.M- I’m very happy that you spend your time with me. Thank you too! Bye


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