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School Climate

How School Climate AffectsStudent Success

As Bill O'Riley declares, I believe we can all agree that there is an epedimic of disrespect in public schools. However, where does this disrepect stem from? I believe the answer is school climate. By looking at majority of failing schools I see that they closely resemble prisons, while the successful schools are full of art and creativity that leave the students with a sense of welcome and warmth.

In a recent NY Board of Education meeting, the topic of school climate was discussed. By usingsurveys they polled the students to find out whatareas could be improved in school climate. It turns out that the elementary schools struggledmost with respect. I believe that this so-called epedemic is caused by poor school climate,as Diane Pianka said at the meeting, "There's a broad body of research around school climate that we've all studied very deeply. And the research basically says school climate matters; it leads to increased graduation rates and higher teacher retention."

A New Jersey school also conducted school climate surveys and found the school possessed a great conectedness and respect for eachother. Some examples of their school climate include students serving coffee and tea to bus drivers and having community seniors greeting people at the door. I believe this is a great model to use in gaining back not only student respect, but student success too-- as stated in Promoting School Issues Volume 69 "A sustainable, positive school climate fosters youth development and the learning necessary for a productive and satisfying life in a democratic society."

In my opinion, school climate directly effects student success. I look back at my time in high school and remember the teachers being outside their dorrs to greet us every class, the murals that lined every hall. And now the schoolhas painted over all of them, the teachers are only in the hall to moniter, and unsuprisingly the success of students has decreased dramatically.



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