School Chemistry Project Reflections

by davincico
Last updated 11 years ago

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School Chemistry Project Reflections

Well,I know its kind of obvious .I made this glog at the last minute...

Two weeks ago,I planned to finish this glog in one week and settle this once and for all.Yet I failed,delayed again and again by academic pressures and school activities. This glog has not met my expectations, mainly because there was not enough time to put so much information into it.There's so many things to learn,so much to explore,unlimited things to try out,yet the CMR Monster came and snatched my time away.Tests,tests and more tests. You don't need exams with tests like that.

My favourite quote from world famous Albert Einstein:

One thing that I did right after finishing this glog is to heave a sigh of relief.I had been so tense for the past few days,knowing that I will not be able to finish this project if I don't start now.

Its is nothing short of a miracle that modern methods of education have not strangled the sacred spirit of curiosity...

Don't you find it hard not to agree?



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