School Chemistry Project Reflections II

by davincico
Last updated 11 years ago

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School Chemistry Project Reflections II

Thank you for your kind attention.

There are many difficulties and problems that I encountered in the proccess of creating these glogs,but I shall discuss mainly on the major ones.


poster yourself

One of the most deterring and scary problems I faced is FEAR itself;the fear of not able to finish the project on time, the fear of failing this project.Time was extremely limited then,thinking back,I realised that this problem had kept causing me to lose concentration and feel jittery.

Sigh,nobody to blame but myself...

One more problem is that...well , the distractions of the internet.This is unavoidable.To find a way round this problem,I kept telling myself to keep going and not stop and get distracted by other irrelevant things.

Throughout the process , I learnt a few lessons, including time management.This project had been a great oppotunity for me to learn more about atoms .



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