School Cafeteria Food

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School Cafeteria Food

The IssueFood served in school cafeterias has been a growing issue, given the high child obesity statistics over the years. "About 60 percent of public elementary school kids had access to sugary snacks in the South, where childhood obesity rates are the highest. This compares with 24 percent in the West and 30 percent in the Midwest." (Junk Food Widely Available at U.S. Elementary Schools). As we all know that obesity contributes to many more health problems when these children become adults. We all remember those tasty and unhealthy meals we ate in elementary school. Pizza, hamburgers, nachos and cheese, ice cream, cookies, and every once in a while some corn and green beans. Although there are some schools that have seen this issue as troubling and have completely altered their cafeteria menu; other schools still coninue to serve unhealthy meals that contribute to childhood obesity. For example, breakfast options include high-carbohydrate bagels (275 cal) and English muffins with cream cheese (70 cal), butter and jelly as condiments (Childhood Obesity ' Elementary School Cafeteria Food). Many school lunch menus include breaded chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, tacos, spaghetti and twice-baked potato with cheese -- all which have a very high calorie and fat count (Childhood Obesity ' Elementary School Cafeteria Food). Tempting deserts are also placed right before checking out to lure kids into purchasing them.

School Cafeteria Foods

A Few Possible SolutionsParents and teachers should work together to teach children how to eat healthy, and from all food groups. Schools working with food companies to re-vamp the school menu for more healthier choices. Parents can pack their child's lunch if they feel that the school is not doing enough to provide healthier meals. ResourcesChildhood Obesity ' Elementary School Cafeteria Food. (2013, October 21). Retrieved October 30, 2014, from food widely available at U.S. elementary schools despite anti-obesity push. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2014, from

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