School Biology Project:Reflections III

by davincico
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School Biology Project:Reflections III


Having completed my project,I have to admit that this was a very valuable experience for me and my classmates.I have learnt many things and new skills.I find that Glogster is a very good platform for expressing out thoughts,there are many tools and features available for us to aid in our expression, and wish that there are more projects like this again. Well , I have tried my best and I'm proud of my work.Digestion is just one of the many systems in the Human Body . I realised that school isn't just about exams and tests, it's about learning . Too bad biology is "fixed",you have to wait a million years before a new organelle starts appearing somewhere and another hundred years to find it . Biology is vast but nevertheless limited.I have much to learn.Theres no question I want to ask about digestion ; after all my love is still with microbiology...

Thank you for you kind attention.



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