School Biology Project:Reflections II

by davincico
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School Biology Project:Reflections II


Another problem presented by the research journal is not knowing which website's data can be trusted and relied on.What Im trying to make is a High Quality Glog which means it needs High Quality data. Well the only solution is to read up on a few relevant websites(,Geographic...) and then combine these data together and write it down in my own words. This takes a lot of time,sigh...

Well there are many other problems that I would like to share about,but writing all of it down would take me Days, or even weeks...Ah,thats another problem: Not knowing whether the data I present is good enough(sigh).Im worried about my marks for the examination ,since this biology project is 10% of the total marks,thus I really want to make this a good project. Which means,I need to find out whether its good or not.The solution is simply to ask my classmates to view my glog after each one is completed.My worries were unneccessary; this series of glogs scored 143+ views and 5 + favourites.(I made those glogs public)

In every project,anything that you read about,there will always be something that will make you say,"OH MY GOD"(or something like that).Well that happened to me 3 days ago (Joshua Nga did this too when he viewed my glogs) :-I didn't know that the large intestine is divided into 3 sections,namely the caecum,colon and rectum-I just found out that EXTERNAL DIGESTION exist (I actually thought mushrooms suck up nutrients with their roots) -.-"-I recently learnt that the functions of your digestion,is controlled by the mucosa of the stomach and small intestine and NOT the Brain-Adrenaline affects how our digestive system work (Feel butterflies in the stomach?)-The strong acid in the stomach is not only there to kill bacteria but to Denature proteins and provide non-specific immunity-and many other strange things that I learnt on the web( etc.Blob Fish)These facts can be applied in daily life .



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