School Biology Project:Digestion II

by davincico
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School Biology Project:Digestion II

DIGESTION:How It Works,The Mouth

The Salivary Glands In the mouth secretes Saliva, which is mostly made up of water, electrolytes, mucus ,enzymes (amlase and some lingual lipase) and bicarbonate ions

The Saliva Has 2 Different Functions:- It moistens ,compacts and lubricates the chewed food for easier chewing and swallowing- Saliva contains digestive enzymes (eg. salivary amylase) which begin the breakdown of carbohydrates. Mastication and saliva secretion work in harmony: chewing increases the surface area of foods which speed up the breakdown of starch into simple sugars by the digestive enzymes.

Well , basically, the job of the teeth tear and crush the food down into smaller pieces so that it can fit our throats

Did you know, Jellyfish defecate,eat, and reproduce through their mouths?

For this project ,I'm going to talk on INTERNAL DIGESTION , mainly the Human Digestive System. This system is used by most animals and is the most successful , because of the system's ability to control the environment in which the digestion takes place.


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