School Biology Project : Digestion III

by davincico
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School Biology Project : Digestion III

The Human Stomach,is a muscular ,elastic,pear-shaped bag lying crosswise beneath the diaphragm.It provides 4 functions that assists in the early stages of digestion and prepare the food for further proccessing in the Small Intestine:1.Its serves as a short term "storage reservoir",allowing large amount of food to be consumed quickly and delt with over a longer period of time. 2.It is in the Stomach that substantial chemical digestion is started (Proteins)

3.Most of the physical digestion occurs in the stomach. Vigorous contractions of stomach muscle mixes and grinds the food with gastric juice, *aiding in the chemical digestion(more contact with enzymes) and *breaking down large pieces of food into smaller ones.


4.The liquefied food(Chyme) is *slowly released into the Small Intestine for further processing,which helps it to absorb nutrients in the food better.

Did you know,a Starfish "eat" with its stomach?



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