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Schizophrenia is caused by genes and environment. It can also be caused when a certian gene that makes important brain chemicals malfunctions.

Vincent Van Goghsuffered from psychotic episodes during the last 2 years of his life. He commited suicide at the age of 37 by shooting himself in the abdomen. Along with Schizophrenia, he had depression, bipolar, and anxiety. He had also cut off part of his ear as punishment for his offencive vioces he heard in his head. Van Gogh's sister Wilhelmina also duffered from Schizophrenia and died in an psychiatric asylum at age 35. PaintingAt Eternity's Gate


Appears inearly adolescence or late adulthood. * About 1% of Americans have this illness.


* Hearing or seeing things that arnt there.* Nonsensical speach or writing* A change in personality, hygiene, and appearance* Inabuililty to sleep or cencentrate * Strange body positioning


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