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Social Studies

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CATATONICSymptoms:Social Isolation, Angry Outbursts,Lack of Emotions, hallucinations,Etiology:No specific cause, but it usually associated with genetics and environment, also linked with other conditions like depression, Bipolar disorder, and mood disordersPrevalence:Worse in men then women, approximately 1% of people in the world have it, including 2 million people in America.Course:There is usually gradual loss of reality and outbursts of anxiety and hallucinations. It can be controlled with medication.

DisorganizedSymptoms:Disorganized speech and behavior Etiology:Genetics and environment play a role. Also problems with brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Imaging studies show differences in the brain structure of people with schizophrenia, but the significance of these changes is not clear.Prevalence:In the U.S, the figure is 7.2 per 1,000. For men, it is usually occurs between 15 -25, while in women it typically occurs between 25-35.Course:Although there's no cure medications help people manage the disease. Durations vary

ParanoidSymptoms:Hearing Voices, Anxiety, Anger, Violence andargumentativeEtiology:it is a brain disorderthat is most likely causes by genetics and environmentPrevalence:The south and northwest of the U.S. is the highest Most people are between the ages of 15-44 years old.Course:May occur later in life in different forms schizophreni which can be episodic or chronic. Can occur over years without the person knowing. There is no cure but can be controlled with medication.






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