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Schist Luci


What Schist is used forSchist is used as a decorative rock wall, pillars, paving, jewerly, and paint filter.

How does it formSchist is formed by clay and mud passing through several metamorphic phases and are put under incredible pressures.

Other rocks in this familyOther rocks in this family are quartz, quartzite, muscovite, gneiss, and garnet.

Where we find this rockSchist is found in Precambriam rocks, especially Archean and Proterozoic.

Physical Appearance and colorSchist is green, grey, dark brown (Biotite schist), silver (Muscovite schist), also other colours.

Physical DescriptionUsually very smooth, very shiny, very flaky, often varies in color such as brown, black yellow, orange, gold color, silver, and gray.

What Schist is made ofSchist is made of clay minerals, such as phyllite and gneiss.

Type of RockSchist is a Metamorphic rock.

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