Schhol Biology Project:Reflections

by davincico
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Schhol Biology Project:Reflections

It was another meaningful project, filled with successes and setbacks,and most importantly,I learnt many new things.

Well,it also gave me a reason to use the computer for hours...

It was a tough journey,I had to research about the topic for a long time and take down relevant notes whenever I can.In all,I expended a lot of energy and effort into making this project a successful one,All In The Name Of Science

(and my marks too)

Thinking about this,I realised that we could not just rely on studying textbooks and doing assessment books to pass our exam,WE NEED TO GO OUT THERE AND EXPLORE THE WORLD,learn things and facts that even our teachers couldn't know,literally while sitting in your room .

Well,it wasn't easy trying to complete this Biology Project and this Reflection in just one week,and adding daily homework ,CCAs and with Mom nagging in my ear all the time,I could have fainted anytime.

However,its all worth it.

I have many thoughts about the project right now,the one thing that I would write about right now is the difficulties faced in the proccess and how I overcomed it. This is important to me as it has teaches me how to better solve challenging problems thrown at us in life and thinking out-of-the-box.Writing about this,I remember that during the first stages of doing this project,I did not know anything about Glogster,which means I do not know how to use it. Well I simply explored and experimented with Glogster,from looking at other people's glog I learnt how to use the features available. With this experience,I set off on creating my first ever glog : "Experiment.Explore.Excel". Well its something random but with this first step , I took another,and another...until when I'm ready to start on the project. You could say I took 4 hours to learn about how to use Glogster successfully.



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