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Scepticism can be defined as: critical, unbiased analysation of all possibilites to a claim.

Scepticism is NOT:-unquestioning belief-blind faith-wishful thinking-close mindedness-ignoring evidence contrary to ones beliefs

Evidence is the key!A good sceptic will base their beliefs off of solid evidence, and will question trends in myths and legends

Descartes philosophy on thinking and conciousness would be a 1 on the scale, whereas the Loch Ness monster would be closer to a .1 or .2

Probability exists on a scale of 0-1, with 0 being impossible, and 1 being absolutely certain.

The two types of sceptics exist as commonsense and philisophical. The former needs evidence to be true "beyond a reasonable doubt" and the latter must have evidence on the scale of 1.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!SCEPTICISM

Psuedosceptics:-Someone who says they're a sceptic, but is relatively close minded.-Does not acknowledge counterarguements or evidence

Is The Evidence Trustworthy?-Is it a reliable source?-Are the claims similar throughout the source?-Is the claim peer reviewed?-Is it too good to be true?-What are the counterarguments?

Descartes came to the conclusion that the only thing anyone can be certaain of is that they are a thinking and concious. From that, they can deduce all else.

How To Lose Your Credibility in 10 Minutes-Be sure to ignore counterarguements and evidence- Use biases and personal statements-Never look up scientific information on the topic-Always reference unpublished articles and .com pages, especially ones with unrelated advertisements.

Is it personal or biased?

Have you looked at the other evidence?

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What type of evidence is being supplied? Is it positive or negative, or both?

Does it account for the same phenomena as older theories?

Are they close minded?


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