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Human Anatomy

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BY: Tyler Bejarano


5 types of scars

Scar Prevention on the Face:Typically,scratches on the face will not result in noticable scarring. Antibiotic creams to be used to help heal and scar fading creams can be used on top of the healed surface.

Scar-reducing Creams: Mederma is a scar gel that can help improve the color, appearance and texture of scars with the help of it;s most importantn ingredient Cepalin. It works for acne, surgery, burn and cut scars.


Stretch marks: This type of scaring do not form in response to and ingury. They skin is being stretched rapidly, often during pregnancy or adolescence.The tissue is often sunken into the skin and tends to fade with time.

Contracture: These scars happen with burns and later pull the skin in towards the site of the injury. This makes the skin appean to be puckered around the wound.

Atrophic: This type of scaring is often seen with acne scars and are sunken down under the skin. Atrophic scaring also happenes when the body produces so much scar, that is prevents new cells from growing.

Keloid: These types of scars are elevated, red or dark scars. They form when the body produces extra collagen in a scar. Keloid are a type fo tumor and grow bigger than the area of the orignal wound.

Hypertrophic: These scars are usually red or purple and slightly raised above the skin They usually fade and get flat over time.

"Scaring is the resullt of a system that has learned to respond extremely quickly to a wound" The body grows epitheloal tissue over the open wound. Fibroblasts rushes into the wounded tissue and start laying down collagen to strengthen the skin. "The tissue will try to reorganize and the scar may appear to soften but the skin never returns to its normal state."

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