Scarlet Macaw

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Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

Introduction  There is no shortage of interesting facts about intelligent animals, especially when it comes to the Scarlet Macaw. These birds, who are known for their beautiful bright plumage, are also curious, strong willed and highly trainable in captivity. What distinguishes the Scarlet Macaw from other Macaws is its white face and yellow feathers on its wings. Their natural habitat is in the South American rain forests where it is moist and humid. Their intelligence and beauty are two reasons why people keep them as pets, but because of their ability to become aggressive they do not make good pets for kids.

General FactsThe Scarlet Macaw can often out live humans, in captivity they are known to live up to 80 years while in the wild they can live approximately 40-50 years. With extremely powerful beaks, the Scarlet Macaw can easily crush nuts and seeds to eat. It also uses its beak as a climbing aid and to crunch on branches to keep busy. Scarlet Macaws are very loud birds that make a variety of low-pitched sounds including squawks, screeches and screams that can carry for up to a couple of miles. In the rainforest these vocalizations help them to make their presence know and call to their groups.

Intelligence FactsScarlet Macaws are one of the most intelligent bird. Studies have concluded that Scarlet Macaws have the intelligence to distinguish colors and shapes. with the right trainer, some of these birds can even perform simple math problems.  Scarlet Macaws are said to have the intelligence of a 4-8 year old child with the emotional intelligence of a 2 year old. This means that they can be demanding and cranky and even throw temper tantrums if not given proper attention.

By: Jaroslav Skála


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