Scarlet Fever

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Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever

Description: Scarlet Fever is a disease that is caused by the infection of streptoccocus bacteria. Streptoccous is the same bacteria that causes strep throat.

Symptoms: A very red sore thoat, a fever 101 degrees or above, a red rash with sandpaper-feel, whitish coating on the tongue or back of throat, "strawberry tongue", headache, nausea or vomiting, swollen glands, and body aches.

Pandemic or Epidemic?: Between 1820 and 1880 Scarlet Fever was a pandemic. It occured mainly in Europe and North America. The death rate was 150/100,000.

Vector or Carrier?: Scarlet Fever is spread thorough human bacteria, which is typically nasal and throat fluids (coughing and sneezing). Streptoccocus is a type of bacteria that causes multiple different diseases. Under a microscope, it looks like a twisted up bunch of berries (description).

Treatment:When Scarlet Fever was most common (1800s), there weren't antibiotics or immunity to the diesease. This struck fear into the lives of the people and government, especially since it was prevelant in children.

Prevention:Scarlet Fever isn't as common today, as it was in the 1800s. Now, there is antibiotics to stop the disease. The most recommended method to prevent Scarlet Fever is washing your hands!


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