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Scan/Read Systems

What is a Scan/Read System?A scan/read system is a computer software used in the classroom. Teachers can scan in, download, or otherwise enter text that students with learning disabilities can then have read aloud to them. Teachers and students both benefit from the use of these systems.

What are some features of Scan/Read Systems?-Highlights the word being read, to make tracking easier.-Students can make annotations as they go.-Difficult words can be defined. -Students can set the reading speed to a comfortable level

What are some different Scan/Read Systems?-Kurzweil 3000-OPENBook-WYNN WizardHow much do Scan/Read Systems cost?-Between $200 and $2,000, depending on what capabilities teachers require of the system they're purchasing.

Pros-Helps students improve reading level.-Aids in comprehension of text. -Students w/ difficulties can stay on pace with the rest of the class. Cons-Some students will take this as an exuse to simply listen to the text, without attempting to read along. -Students can feel isolated from the class if they require extra technology.

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Scan/Read Systems

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