[2014] Tyrell A: Scandal

by TLONT190
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Social Studies

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[2014] Tyrell A: Scandal


Pacific Scandal- 1873APEC Inquiry- 1997

In November 1997, the RCMP pepper-sprayed protesters lining the planned route of world leaders attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Conference in Vancouver. Liberal PM Jean Chrétien shrugged off the incident, joking: "For me, pepper, I put it on my plate."

In 1873,John A. Macdonald's government was anxious to begin building the railway he had promised to build while campaigning for the 1872 election. It began looking for a company to take on the contract. But, prior to the 1872 election a man by the name of Sir Hugh Allan had given John over three hundred thousand dollars to help his campaign


About four years later, a commission of inquiry led by Ted Hughes found that the Mounties had acted inappropriately, and ordered them to make sure that from now on "generous opportunity will be afforded for peaceful protesters to see and be seen in their protest activities by guests to the event." Hughes also found that officials from the Prime Minister's Office, specifically director of operations Jean Carle, played an "improper role" in giving instructions to the RCMP to clear the motorcade route quickly, using force if necessary.

Because of this John and his government allowed Sir Hugh Allan to build the railway. But an American man had found out that this had happened and he informed the liberal government. Eventually they had a re-election in 1876, but John A. Macdonald still managed to win. But the majority was a lot less then the majority in the 1872 election.





In conclusion I think that both scandals are very shady and the actions in each were very bad and reflect negatively on those involved. I would say that the pacific scandal was worse because it affected all of Canada while the APEC scandal only affected the people of Vancouver and their government.


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