Scale, Proportion & Quantity

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Scale, Proportion & Quantity

Scale, Proportion & Quantity

Changes affect a system's structure or performance.

Living things are made out of different number and types of cells. The cell is the basic unit of life and all cells come from an existing cell.

Solids, liquids and gases are all throughout the Earth and change scale, proportion and quantity. Depending on a state will depend on its scale and size.


The significance of a phenomenon is dependent on the scale, proportion & quantity at which it occurs. For instance; a hurricane is rated on a scale of a category 1-5 and a tornadoe on an enhanced fujita scale EF1-EF5, while an earthquake is on a richter scale of 1-10.

Units of measurement and estimation help lead this concept to develop a sense of size, including weight, time and temperature.


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Scale, proportion and quantity cover all three dimensions by investigating, designing and building models. Knowledge is interrelated between all sciences and the core ideas relate to the interests and life experiences of the students.




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