Scalar and Vector Quantities

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Scalar and Vector Quantities

Scalar and Vector Quantities

6th Hour Honors Physical Science

~ Measurement that indicates magnitude and unit~ No Direction included~ Example: Distance = 25 miles

Scalar Quantity

~ A vector quantity~ V = D/T~ Unit in Units/second with direction-Ex:m/s N~ Displacement covered in a certain amount of time

~ A Vector Quantity~ A = V/T~ Acceleration is the Change in velocityy in a given amount of time~ Includes a direction-> Ex: 5 cm/s/s East

Vector Quantity





Kristina Viegut

Personal Examples1.) When I ride my bicycle, I always need to say "the velocity of my riding is" instead of "the speed" because I am constantly going in a certain direction when riding on my bike. 2.) I will always fail to float in the air because Earth has an acceleration of gravity. This is why we don't float like astronauts do on the moon. The force of Gravity keeps us from wandering off to space.

~ A Scalar Quantity~ S= D/T~ Distance covered in a certain amout of time~ Example: Speed = 68 miles/hour~ No Direction

~ Measurement that indicates magnitude, unit, and direction~ Example: 100 meters West

Acceleration of Gravity

~ A Vector Quantity~Acceleration of Gravity=9.8 m/s/s~ Direction= Down

~ Distance: A scalar quantity- how far something travels~Displacement: A vector quantity- From start to finish in a straight line


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