Saying Yes to Organic Food

by PaigeRicketts
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Saying Yes to Organic Food

Saying "Yes" to Organic Food

What does organic mean?According to the American Public Health Association (APHA), certified organic cattle can only be fed organic feed and cannot be given antibiodics or growth hormones (APHA 2).

By: Paige Ricketts

Solution?An option for consumers who want to avoid added hormones to their food is to buy certified organic choices.

Even though the FDA allows added hormones to beef and dairy products, these can cause negative health effects to consumers, and therefore consumers should choose organic foods.

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What is the problem/issue?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows added hormones to beef and dairy products. According to APHA, added hormones to beef and dairy can cause negative health effect to consumers (APHA 2). The FDA allows this because they claim that added hormones are not harmful to consumers because the amount added is not significant enough to be damaging (APHA 2).

Laci Green explains why eating organic is better.


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