Say No to Tobacco

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Say No to Tobacco

Say no to Tobacco

Did you know...?-More than 16 million people have at least one disease from smoking-Almost 9 out of 10 lung cancers is cause by smoking-Smoking slows down lung growth in children and teens-Every year, approximately 3,000 non-smoking Americans die from lung cancer due to exposure to secondhand smoke

Look at the contents of a cigarette!

Risks of Tobacco Use- Cancer (lung, throat, mouth etc.)- emphysema- heart disease- stroke- colds-bronchitisNon-smokers exposed to secondhand smoking are at the same risks of tobacco users.

Tobacco smoking doesn't only hurt you but it harms others around you.

On average, smokers die 13-14 years earlier than non-smokers

More Tobacco Facts- There are over 1 billion smokers in the world.- Tobacco kills almost half of its users.- Nearly half of all children in our world are exposed to smoke in the air they breathe.- In the 21st century, 1 billion deaths are estimated to be caused by tobacco use.

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Always say no to tobacco. It could seriously harm you and others around you. Dont be afraid to say no!


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