Saxophone History

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Saxophone History

The saxophone was invented by and named for Antoine-Joseph (Adolphe) Sax. It was patented on March 20, 1846. The first saxophone, a C bass, was displayed for the first time, in 1841, to the famous composer, Hector Berlioz. In 1842, Sax moved to Paris to introduce his new instrument to the rest of the world. Soon to follow was the creation of an entire saxophone family: fourteen different saxophones in all. Each differed by size and pitch. They were the: E flat sopranino, F sopranino, B flat soprano, C soprano, E flat alto, F alto, B flat tenor, C tenor, E flat baritone, B flat bass, C bass, E flat contrabass, and F contrabass. Many of these variations, however, are seldom used or have become obsolete.

Saxophone History

John Coltrane was an American jazz saxophonist, bandleader and composer, and is an iconic figure of 20th century jazz. He played in these groups:Sober CelebsFamous Jazz MusiciansFamous Libras

John Coltrane

Jazz musician Cannonball Adderley He attended the U.S. Navy School of Music before moving to New York City in the 1950s. In 1957, he played with Miles Davis and was featured on his next two albums. Known for playing the alto saxophone, critics appreciated Adderley’s upbeat sound. He played in these groups:Famous VirgoansFamous Saxophone PlayersFamous People Born in 1928

Charlie Parker was a legendary Grammy Award–winning jazz saxophonist who with Dizzy Gillespie invented the musical style called bop or bebop. He played in these groups:African-American ExpatsAfrican-American BiopicsFamous Jazz Musicians

Cannonball Adderley

Charlie Parker

The saxophone became known as an integral part of all bands in 1845. The beautiful sound of a sax quintet or a blaring jazz soloist can be heard all around the world. The saxophone has become a part of almost every style of music. It is being played everywhere from night clubs to football fields. The saxophone is truly one of the great musical instruments in our existence. It's most famous for playing a style of music called jazz. The saxophone is considered to be one of the closest instruments to the human voice; in fact many call it a "singing" instrument. Because of this, many musicians use the saxophone to express a wide variety of emotions. Even though it's famous for being a jazz instrument, the saxophone was originally used in military bands.

McMurray Saxophone Band

The Sax-Chamber Orchestra

Three BaritoneSaxophone Band

The Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra


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