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Saving the Cheetah - What is the Answer?

Cheetahs in zoos raise public awareness and educate the public about the Cheetah’s plight. Similarly, eco-tourism creates awareness where wild populations of Cheetahs exist.

It may appear that captive cheetah programs in zoos are not beneficial to cheetah conservation, but I will show that captive cheetah populations are necessary to understanding how best to restore these beautiful and endangered cats to healthy numbers in the wild. It is only through studying captive cheetahs that we can gain the knowledge to save wild cheetahs. because the scientific research done in zoos will help us learn about the complex issues involved in restoring cheetahs to non-endangered status.

Together, scientists in zoos and in the wild can help cheetahs outrun the threats to their survival.

Captive cheetah programs focus on studying cheetah genetics, biology & reproduction, while African based programs like the Cheetah Conservation Fund study and monitor wild cheetah populations, performing census counts and genetic studies at the CCF lab.

Both captive & wild programs are seeing success. Birth rates are still low, but breeding programs in zoos are making progress. Likewise, efforts in Namibia & other African countries are leading to populations that are starting to stabilize and increase.

Wild cheetah populations are declining due to shrinking habitat & competition with humans. Cheetahs sometimes prey on African livestock, which has led farmers in Africa to perceive the cheetah as a threat.


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