Saving Wetlands Identical to the Trash Bin at Timmy's by: Denis

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Saving Wetlands Identical to the Trash Bin at Timmy's by: Denis

The best thing humans can do right now is to first stop littering. It won't increase too much compared to if they kept on littering.After, they should start cleaning up. If the're like, "Awww, that's gonna take too long!" Well, that or you see the world blow up with smoke and dust. So, its best to start off by reducing their waste being thrown into wetlands then try cleaning it up.

First of all, the reason why our wetland is in danger and our animals is because of pollution. Humans throw junk everywhere, and littering our entire home. Then, they do nothing about it. So our enviroment is incinerating in their hands.

Humans are endangering us, as well as the wetland. Not only are we, Golden Mice being endangered from this, other animals here are too.



Humans can try reducing the damage done, but they can never truely get rid of all the waste. The thing they should do is reduce and clean up, then sit in a corner and feel ashamed for themselves.


Why is our wetland at a problem?

Saving Wetlands Identical to the Trash Bin at Tim Horton's

Delusions are Illusions-The Rest is SuccessDetermination is the Term of our NationAnd Litter is Bitter

One piece of garbage picked up is one piece of garbage removed from nature.

How our problems take affect

So, first, how is pollution affecting us? Pollution is mainly generated in urban areas, because of man-made materials, which come in contact with chemicals from industries, and they burn. But, they release fuels and smoke that is toxic.


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