Save The Tigers!

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by BisesiSyEl
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Environmental Studies

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Save The Tigers!

Save the Tigers!!!Sydnie Bisesi

Between the deforestation, and poaching these tigers will be extinct soon. We can help by making habitats as we destroy them. Give some donations to the WWF. And most importantly... STOP POACHING! We are the only ones who can make a difference.

Tigers are being illegally hunted for their beautiful pelt. Their coat is usally sold around $50,000. Greedy people...

The WWF's goal is to save the Tigers! But we can help. By not poaching and giving donations we can make a huge difference!

People are tearing apart tigers habitats to make way for rodes, houses, and to get fuel. Tigers are running for their lives and running out of food to eat... and are looking for food by villages.

Tiger Poachers

The WWF(World Wildlife Fund), is helping to save the tigers.

Poaching: Illegal hunting of an animalFUN FACT! There used to be 100,000 tigers 100 years ago, now theres less then 3,200



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