Save The Sea Otter

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Save The Sea Otter

Save The Sea Otter

BASIC FACTSThe latin name of the sea otter is Enhydra lutris. There are three regional subpecies of sea otter. The sea otter is in the order of Mamalia. They are endangered.

The HistorySea otters in the 1700's where aboundent in the north pacific area. With more then 300,000 of them across the world you would never see them going exctinct. In the late 20th century there were only 2,000 sea otters remaining in the world.

Why are they being killed?The Sea Otter has been hunted for its fur since the 1800's but in the recent decade there pup population has gone down by nearly 11%

Why should we save them?The sea otter helps us in many ways. They help control the sea urchine population their for keeping kelp forests as able santuarys for others fish ans sea creatures, Sea otters also play a more important role in our health then we know. By living right on the coast they serve as protectors from waterborn parasites in seafood. When the sea otter eats a fish with a parasite in it they are not affected as we would be but scientists can still detect the parasite. That there for gives them a forewarning that there is a parasite in the seafood there.

How do we save them?Instead of bringing the sancuary to them. we should bring both togethor in the middle. Becouse we can't fence of a certian area of ocean giving te sea otters can just leave we should create a 5 mile mide man made salt water lake in the middle of the country. In the lake we should put a self sustaining kelp forest ecosystem. There for when we put the sea otters in they will have no idea they are not in the ocean, they will believe they are in a kelp forest with all the same preditors and pray.

Another big threat to sea otters are oil spills. oil spills can hurt and drown sea otters. sea otters get hypothermic when covered with oil so there for they could be killed.

Due to commercial fur trading the population of sea otters has decressed over 50% in the last 3 generations

Sea otters are not terratorial. This is very important becouse if we move them to a diffrent habitat they won't react as if they lost territory and they won't fight.

The main habitat of the sea otters is costal habitats where the water is 30 meters deep. the sea otters are protected in the costal kelp forest of calafornia.


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