[2015] Ethan Glugla (Schepp 13-14): Save The Red Pandas!

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[2015] Ethan Glugla (Schepp 13-14): Save The Red Pandas!

Help the Red Pandas!!!

How They Got Endangerd The red panda wasn't always endangered but this is how it got this way. The red panda's predator is the snow leopard. Thay are often killed when caught in traps that are meant for other animals. Thay are also killed for thir pelts in China and Myanmar. Red panda fur caps are for sale in Bhutan that is where they et sold and why they die.

Do You Know How A Red Panda Eats?The red panda has over 12 food choices. the main thing they eat is bamboo. thay drink by licking the water off it's paw. that is one of the ways it drinks.

Do You Know how Cute A red panda A red panda is a cute and fuzzy animal that you should learn a lot about. a red panda dose not look like a panda beacuse a panda is large and a red panda is small it also has a thicker coat of fur, they are red,black,and white. A red panda has a longer tail than a panda. They are 7 to 14 pounds.

learn more at www.worldwildlife.org

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