Save The Polar Bears

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Save The Polar Bears

Save The Polar Bears

Ad Campaign by Rachel Belford, Noah Kowalski, and Emily Carter

Polar Bears, which are most commonly found in Canada, Alaska, and Russia, are endangered in every area in which they inhabit. In 2008, polar bears were listed by the U.S. Endangered Species act as endangered because of global Warming*

Introduction to Polar Bears

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The biggest threat to date to polar bears is global warming, which is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.** This increase in CO2 has led to an increase in the Earth's temperature, which has a drastic effect on the life of the polar bears. This warming that is taking place on Earth is causing the ice in the artic to melt.

Global Warming and It's effects

The melting of the sea ice is devastating to the polar bears; because of it, they have suffered a massive loss of habitat. The loss of ice also causes the polar bears to have insufficent time to hunt.

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