[2015] Aly More (Schepp 13-14): Save The Chimps!

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[2015] Aly More (Schepp 13-14): Save The Chimps!

Chimps are endangered! Chimpanzees are very unique creatures, but we need to know that they are also being harmed in many ways around the world we live in. Chimpanzees only have two predators to worry about and one is leopards. The only problem is, is that one of them is us. Human populations are rapidly increasing by the minute, and the chimpanzee population is rapidly decreasing too. People think it’s okay to just cut down trees and not plant any more. Each year thousands of people are born, so that means to them just cut down millions of trees and then we’ll have more room. We will have more room that way, but chimpanzees won’t and neither will any other creatures of the incredible rainforests.The reason this is happening is because as more people enter the world we need more space for people to live. Humans are at the top f the food chain, but some people are taking advantage of that.

Leopards are one of the chimps predators, but the main issue is humans. Humans are taking chimps from the wild for laboratory experiments. These experiments are harming many chimps every day. The reason this is happening is because people of the world are unaware of these occurrences. People need to know what is happening to our beloved chimps so the world can learn to change for the better.

Chimps and humans are very much alike behavioral wise. They give birth the same way humans do, a live birth. A live birth is when the infant is born alive and not in an egg of any sort. Their mothers feed them milk until the baby is around 4 or 5 years old. Chimpanzee mothers are much like human mothers, they put time and effort into their child’s education and protection. They also try and create a special bond between their “little angel” as some mothers call their children.. They know that soon enough, their long thought baby becomes a grown up and goes off on it’s own to use it’s super survival skills mom taught them.

Some people are helping chimps in many ways. Not all humans are bullies to chimps. Some are helpers. An example of a chimp helper would be Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall is the number one chimp research expert in the world. She has been helping chimps for over 50 years and counting. Jane spends 300 days of her year in the road or in the forests or jungles. Often though, does this incredible woman do public lectures on saving chimps. In these ways, I think that Jane Goodall is a true chimp helper, and if she keeps doing what she does, a change may happen and for the better.Another society that help these amazing animals is Chimp Haven.Chimp Haven is 5 acres worth of land purely devoted to chimps that have retired out of research. Some of these chimps have come to Chimp Haven and seen the SKY for the first time in their 40 years of life. Some have never seen a tree. They have spent their whole life, every day watching their friends or even family get harmed by the people who they thought loved them. Apparently they’re not anymore. I believe that the the over 200 chimps of Chimp Haven deserved better than what they got at labs. Chimps have done nothing to harm us, so why are we killing them everyday?

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