[2015] Kate+Emily R (3rd Earth Science 2015): Save the African Lions

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[2015] Kate+Emily R (3rd Earth Science 2015): Save the African Lions

Pros:-Provides the main funding for the majority of state conservation efforts-Profits used to discourage poaching-Creates more funding for wildlife reserves

What are the regions where the lions remain?

How is sport hunting a threat to the lions?

What causes the lions' habitat loss?

Cons:-Lions are being hunted faster than they can reproduce: 4791 trophies were exported 2002-2009, from a population of 20,000-92% of the population decrease in Tananzia was due to sport hunting

How are conservation groups helping?

Save the African Lions!by Emily

Tan color=where the lions used to liveMaroon color=where the lions live now

Species: Panthera leoGenus: Pardofelis (marbled cat)

-Humans destroy the lions' habitat for agriculture-When an agricultural region is near a lion habitat, hungry lions wander through farms and kill livestock-Humans kill lions in retaliation for killing livestock

-There are only 20 remaining countries with the lions-The lions are almost completely gone from West Africa-70% of the remaining lions live in Southern/Eastern African regions

-The ICUN lists African lions as "vulnerable to extinction"-The ESA has created a new permit program, so hunting is only allowed in scientifically proven programs-Five conservation groups created a petition in 2011 to protect lions fro sport hunting


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