[2015] Sydney Newton (Schepp 13-14): Save Polar Bears !

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[2015] Sydney Newton (Schepp 13-14): Save Polar Bears !

Save polar bears!

A polar bear is the largest animal to roam the arctic. The height of a male polar bear is 8-10 feet tall. A female is 6-7 feet tall. Not only polar bears are really tall but they also wiegh alot. A male can wiegh up to 1,720 pounds. If it is a small male it will wiegh around 550-650. Also a female wieghs up to 700. If it is a small female it will wiegh around 200 pounds.

Polar bears live in the arctic. Polar bears are mostly found near coasts, islands and most impotantaly sea ice. They also will remain in this pack ice habitat all year. The polar bears main habitat is an offshore pack ice, along the coasts and the island of the arctic region.

Pack ice is where poalr bears like hunting, denning, and sleeping. Polar bears fight with other animals if they come near their cubs. They mostly react to killer whales, or people with a weappon or want to kill them. They have 42 razor sharp teeth that helps them get food.

Polar bears are the my favorite animal to roam in the arctic. It seems like they wear a blanket all the time because of its fur keeps them warm. Polar bears cuddle with their cubs so their cubs stay warm. When polar bears are borns they are basicly bald.


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