[2014] Alyssa Giuditta: Save our Water

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[2014] Alyssa Giuditta: Save our Water

•It is estimated that if we didn’t leave water running when doing things such as brushing our teeth, an average person could save 240 gallons of water per month.•It’s proven that older toilets made in the 90’s use about three to five gallons of water per flush while newer toilets use about one to two gallons per flush.•We also tend to waste water when watering our lawns.

Ways we waste water

By: Alyssa Giuditta and Julia Lombardo

Put a stop to the drop

• We can save water by checking faucets and pipes for leaks. The smallest of leaks can waste 20 gallons of water per day.•A simple way to save water is to insulate water pipes, with insulated pipes you get hotter water faster without waiting for the water to heat up. • An easy way to save water and reuse water before showering is to place a bucket under the shower head. Cold water collected by the bucket can be used to water plants.

Innovative Ideas to improve water use

•When we don’t properly deal with water leaks we are wasting water. To make sure there is no existing water leak you can check using a water meter.•A single driveway car wash uses approixmently 80 gallons of water while a machine generated car wash uses about 30 gallons of water.

Saving water

More innovative ideas to improve water use

Ideas being used with regards to water use

You can create a dual-flush toilet which uses half the amount of water than a regular toilet.You can also set a rain barrel out in the summer and all collected water can be used to water plants.

A simple way people save water is by taking shorter showers. 4 minute showers use about 4-6 gallons of water.Another way people save water is by buying a water filter which allows for your home to reduce water consumption.Convert a pure toilet into a low flush toilet which displaces water from each flush.

Instead of watering a whole lawn, people water only areas of the lawn that are needed.A very simple way we tend so save water is by only washing full loads of clothing. When the washer is full it uses less water.



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