[2014] Francesca DiFronzo: save our water

by Fonsakes
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Environmental Studies

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[2014] Francesca DiFronzo: save our water

FACTS -over half of the human body is water-only about 1% of earths water supply is freshwater -the total amount of water on earth remains constant-over 90% of fresh water is in Antartica -water is the only mineral found naturally on earth in 3 forms solid, liquid, and gas

Save our Water

slow the flow save h2o

save water by:-insulating water pipes -taking shorter showers -installing water saving shower heads -use dishwasher only when its full-check faucets and pipes for leaks

we lose water by:-during excersise you can lose one litre of water p/h-washing cars by hand-flushing the toilet -diving in pools-bathing



  • Fonsakes 7 years ago

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    Catchy Slogan Francesca! Good use of different media sources (video music, images etc). Your first point for losing water, related to the body sweating out water with other toxins during exercise, which is not related to the 'wasting of water' component you're covering.
    Well done!