[2014] Emily&Alison pp: Save our water project

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[2014] Emily&Alison pp: Save our water project

In a blink of an eye without water you will die.

Ways to Save Water:~ Don't leave the tap running.~ Use water saving tools in your shower and toilet.~ Keep drinkable water in the fridge.~ Don't use water to water plants if you know it is going to rain.~ Take short showers

Saving Water

Emily Poulter & Alison Playter

Save Our Water

~ Use a rain water barrel to catch rain. Use that water for around the yard use.~ Try to re use water that isn't too dirty.~ If you have a choice of using cold water or hot water, use cold water.

Improving Our Water Use

We waste water by:~ leaving the water running while brushing your teeth.~ Washing your car when unecessary.~ Using hot water when not needed.~ Having long showers.~ Over watering the lawn.~ Not using a pool cover on your pool.~ Over filling the bath tub.

Ways We Waste

Facts~ did you know an average family of 4 uses 1510 liters of water a day.~ less than 1% of the earths water is safe drinking water.~ if you used the comparison of a 4 litre jug being the earth's water, only 1 table spoon will be fresh water.~ to grow food for the planet, we use 200 000 000 liters of water per second.~ 83% or our body is made up of water.

~ in antartica, 90% of the worlds fresh water is located there. ~ in our tap water, the water may contain molecules that dinosaurs may have drunk. ~ about half of our daily water comes from the uses in the bathroom.~ the earth's temperature is regulated by ewater.~ water is the only liquid found naturally in three different states (solid, liquid, gas)

~ if all adults in england and wales turned off their taps while brushing their teeth there would be enough water saved to fill 180 olympic swimming pools. ~ 150 litres is used each day by each briton.~ in one cotton t-shirt has 25 bath tubs full of water in it.~ it takes 100 gallons of water to grow and produce one pound of cotton. ~ it takes about as much water that 70 of laundry would use to make a single labtop.



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    Well done girls! Good use of different sources of information to create a media text! Now make sure you apply the tips listed in your daily living!
    Psst! I've made your glog public so classmates can view it. Spread the word.