[2015] Amy H (3rd Earth Science 2015): Save endangered african lions

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[2015] Amy H (3rd Earth Science 2015): Save endangered african lions

An image of an African lion.

Nearly a century ago, there were as many as 200,000 lions living in Africa. However, there are fewer than 30,000 lions living in Africa today. Lions have vanished from over 80% of their historic range. They are extinct in 26 countries.

Save The Endangered African Lions!

About how many African lions are there in the world?

How often are African lions poached?

What is canned hunting? What do they do to lions?

Canned hunting is the situation in which lions are bred to be hunted. In “Club Petting” baby cubs are petted by tourists. In their adolescence, they are used in the tourist activity, “Walking with Lions”. When they reach adulthood, they are used as trophies after being killed in an enclosed place by a canned hunter.

How much better are lions doing in a sanctuary than a circus?

Half of Africa's wild lion populations will approach extinction in the next 20-40 years. One of the many reasons of this ‘extinction’ is because of poaching. African lions were poached for more than 400,000 years.

Lions trapped in a cage for canned hunting.

An image of an African lion.

Research shows that African lions (or all types of lions) are doing much better in a sanctuary than a circus cage. A lion named Will has been in a cage for 13 years, and then was moved out to a lion sanctuary. Will was doing much better since then.

A circus lion, ready for show.

Fewer than 30,000African lions living now!

Watch these vidoes about African lions!!

A lion stalking its prey


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