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The temperatures in Savannas usually do notgo under 65 degrees fairenheit. Savannas are located in Australia, AfricaAsia, North America andSouth America! The winters are dryand cool and the summers are hot and moist.

Humans are large threats tothis biome. People hunt, mine,farm and start wildfires! I thinkthat people should leave this biome alone!

Many, Many plants arelocated in this biome. Thetwo most common plantsin the Savanna is The Senegal gum acacia andElephant grass. Some uncommon plants are the Kangaroo paw, Manketti Tree, The Jarrah tree, and the Jackalberry tree.

The Savanna consists ofmany different animals.Some of these animals arehunted for fur, meat, and tusks. One of the most commonanimals is the Africanelephant. Some animals that people normally do not think ofare The Black Mamba, ChacmaBaboon, and the Egyptian Mongoose. Elephants are one of the few animals that Migrate! These animals adapt well to the warm conditions

The Savanna has a coupleof Abiotic factors. It has rocks,sand, sunlight, water, and oxygen. There is not ALOT of sand but there is a little bit.


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