Savannah Haller Picture book Analysis

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Savannah Haller Picture book Analysis

The cover of the book has a hauntingly enticing appeal. It's horizontal format and use of vibrant colors makes it stand out on the shelf. The pleasant smile on Miss Spider causes her to appear approachable and easily loveable opposed to the classical scare. The spiderweb spun across the cover delicacy is increased with the use of the tea cups.

A Parenting magazine Best Book of the Year, A National Parenting Publications Honor Book, A Parents' Choice Award-winner

Miss Spider's Tea Party

Overall Picture Book

Some of the peritextual elements include the title. The text is bold in contrasting colors and a style that perfectly portrays a spider quality. Another would include the dedication. It is short and sweet and a perfect addition to the story. It does not even have a full page and makes a sentamental dedication that refrences bugs.The back cover is an opposing color that shows Miss Spider playing with other bugs in the web, again betraying the spider sterotype.

Peritextual Elements

The font used in the story is a consitent simple font. It is nothing out rageous or extravagent, however it's plain cute style is similar to the personality of sweet Miss Spider. The layout is always the same. The picture is on one side and the text is on the other with a little small graphic representing the main picture. The lack of borders in the story makes the reader feel as if they are in the story and experiencing it from their own eyes. Through out the story it is up close displaying the raw emotion on the upset spider or at a distant in order to better see the whole happy party ocurring on the page. The balance between the words of the story pulling forward and the beautiful illustrated pictures causing the reader to linger created a nice timing that helped the story flow.

Elements of Design

The story follows in chronological order. The beginning of the story Miss Spider is all alone longing for friends. By the end of the story all of the other insects she had seen that would flee from her discovered there was nothing to fear and she had friends and was no longer lonely. The author wrote the story so that there are small gaps to increase the suspension. At one point when all of the moths had come it ended the page with the readers unsure if they had stayed to keep Miss Spider company as she so desperately desired or if they had flown away. There are no borders through out the pages. The story had a nice flow through out.

Narative Elements

This image shows Miss Spider truly happy. Earlier in the book it shows this same table, however it is desolate with no one except for Miss Spider herself. The entire page colors appear brighter and more lively on this page. The table cloth is changed from a gloomy blue to a cheerful light pink. The angle portrayed in this page makes the entire room seem larger and more welcoming in conparision.

Individual Image

In this story the main character would be Miss Spider. The only back ground knowledged required would be to know how spiders are often feared and how because of how we view spiders the other bugs are quick to judge and do not even give Miss Spider a chance. Through this story you are able to see what it is like from the point of view. The story makes it so that the reader can relate to the spider in a circumstance that they felt like they were being excluded or judged based off of their apperance.

Critical Analysis

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