Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah, Georgia

Land Life Land life in Georgia was better than others. The land in Georgia was very smoothe and the soil was very nutrisious for the plants which aloud the colonists have Agriculture like Indigo, rice and natural suger and because of heat that aloud them to grow alot of crops.

Great Facts ~Arivved in 1732 ~Last colony establised ~Known for Agriculture ~Warm Crops ~The Original Name was Province of Goergia

Early Schools in Savannah,GA

Goverment system The Colony of Georgia had a royal Goverment system which ment it was ruled by the English Monarchy.(King and Queen) The Govener was James Edward Oglethorpe.

Daily Life Boys like us had to wake up Bright and early.Same with girls. When they woke upthey got dressed. Boys got changedinto,first,stocking,garters, breeches,a doublet or moccasins and finally pionts that kept the breeches up. Girls had to wear a petticoat, stockings, garters, wiascoat, coif, apron a pocket and finally shoes. Then chores for a boy were collecting fire wood, collecting wheat from the farm and finding muscles for dinner. For girls cooking with their mom, collecting eggs and milking the cows.

Religion The main religon official religion of Georgia in 1775 was Anglian. Anglican was practiced through the whole colony but Judisiam was practiced in Savannah

School in Georgia was different than the other colonies. Children in Georgia were home-school. Southerners believed that shool was a private matter. They learned skills like Cyphoring, (Math Facts) Penmanship/cursive. They also learned and memorized their state capitals



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