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Earth Sciences

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Life in Savannah


The animals have learned to adapt to the savannh by suriving the season variation with their food supply. Many mammals and birds that live in the savanna are seasonal, and after the wet vegetations they inhabit there. They move elsewhere once all the plants are gone.

Many animals could not survive in the savannah because of how hot the climate is, such as a wolf or a polar bear.

Fires are important in the savannah ecosystem. Fires are usually created by lightening strikes, but now they are mostly human caused. Fires consume all of the dead plants that will perish after the rain season has ended. Over the years the savannah trees have developed thicker bark so they can survive the fires that happen.

There are many different types of animals that live in the Savannah. These animals include lions, gazell, giraffes, monkeys, elephants, birds, zebras, hyenas, rhinos and many more.

Interesting Facts

There are many different plants that live in the savannah. These plants have deveolped ways to stay alive in the long drought periods. Some plants are, bermuda grass, elephant grass, gum trees and the umbrella thorn acaci



There are many different savannahs around the world to support the different mammals and insects that live there. Although the savannah is different from many other habitat's the animals that live in the savannahs have adjusted to living there. Some animals that could not survive in the savannah are polar bears, wolves, seals beacause they all need cold weather and water which the savannah does not have. Do you think the dinosaurs could have exsitied in the savannahs? Similar animals to dinosaurs that live in the savannahs are hippos.

Common Core: Students will gain a better understanding of Life Science through the study of changed of oranisims over time.


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