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The Savanna is not your average dry grassland, it's not what you think to be all that hot and dry. It is in fact quite wet during the wet season and scorching hot during its dry season.For starters, the Savanna is located in the lower lattitudes and is between the forest and grasslands biomes. The Savanna has very few trees, and it's wet and dry seasons cause up and downs in the amount of prey. In other words, prey might be abundunt in the wet seasons, but as soon the dry season hits the number of prey will take a nose dive.


Climate and Precipitation

The savanna average summer tempreture ranges around 78 degree fahrenheit to 86 degree fahrenheit. The winter tempreture ranges from 68 degree farenheit to 78 degree farenheit. The precipitation on the savanna is rain and it ranges from 10 to 30 inches of rain per year. However the period of time between December and Febuary rarely has any rainfall. The savanna has a dry climate and many plants don't survive the summer heatwave, the rivers usually dry up as well. But during the wet season, everything turns upright and rivers start filling up, and the animals once again thrive.

Animals that have managed to somehow adapt to this dry condition inclue the elephants, lions, zebras, giraffs, other ungulates ( animals that have hooves ) as well as kangaroos, leopards, jackals, hyenas, and the cheetah. Plants that have adapted to this include the rhodes grass, red oats grass, star grass, lemon grass, and shrubs. These are probably the most common, on the other hand only a few trees are able to survive here, this includes the pine, palm, acacia, and Manketti trees, as well as the River Bushwillow.

Plants and Animals

Savannas cover about half of Africa and take large parts of Australia, India, as well as South America. Savannas are also found between the tropical rainforest and the desert. They are also on either side of the equator, that is another reason why their climate is always quite warm.


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The savanna only has 2 seasons which are the winter and summer seasons.The savanna can also be called the tropical grasslands. A savanna can become a desert if it is overgrazed. Without it's vegetation there it will be condidered a desert.

Other Intresting Facts

By: Sofia Liu


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