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The Savanna is known as a tropical grassland, and is found on either side of the equator near tropical rainforest. Most savanna's are in Austrila and Africa.



Grant's Zebra This animal is similar to a horse but has some differences. The Zebra "barks" instead of neighs. It's height is 50 in and can weigh 500-600s pounds. Lives in a close group, family. They stay close together and migrate in a herd up to 10,000 or more. They live up to 28 years old. A zebra can protect its self from its predotor by bunching together so the predator will see a maze of stripes. Zebras can reach a speed up to 40 m.p.h. Zebras live in the middle of the grassland because of its strips for protection.

Geography of the Savanna

Koala BearFuzzy animal, almost 33 in long. Femals weigh up to 13.2-24.2 ibs. Males weigh up to 17.6-30.8 ibs. Koalas have tough paws to traction to grab on to the tree while climbing to get away from predotors. Koala has thick fur to keep it warm and at the same time cool. The fur changes from grey to brown debending of the season. This fur is useful because they can camouflage themselves from predotors. Koalas have excellent since of smell. Which means they can detect poisonous leaves. Koala is killed by Foxes, dogs, dingos, and most of all humans and forest fires.

LionPowerhouse of savannah. Weighs up to 265-420 Ibs. This animal is a predator. Male lions have manes which is ruff, long fur around the neck being brown in the front and black in the back. Lions mainly live in Africa or Asia. Lions eat small to medium sized mammels such as zebras. Lions live in grous called prides. Up to 4-40 lions. Males protect prides, while femals hunt and take care of cubs. Lions coat of fur is a perfect camoflauge to sneak up on prey. They can run up to 40 m.p.h. Sharp teeth for chewing meat.


Baobab, Kangaroo Paws, and Whistling ThornBaobab: Found in Africa, and India. 25 meters tall can live for thousands of years. In wet months water is stored the thick, corky, fire-resistant trunk. Kangaroo Paws:Green and red emblem foumnd in western Austrila. Makes perfect perch for birds. It flowers between August and October. The adaptions such as tiny hairs help make the taste weird to predators. Whistling Thorn: Thorn commonly seen in East Africa. Can grow up to 18 feet tall. The thornes are called stipular spines which is home to stinging ants. The ants protect the plant by swarming their nests by any intrudors. The leaves are made to keep in moisture due to the hot enviornment. The plant will drop its leaves to conserve water.

Climate and Facts

This biome has a wet/dry climate. The dry season is in the winter. The rain is made in the summer months. During the dry season the plants may shrivel up and die. During wet season plants are lush and rivers flow well. The savanna climate ranges from 68-86 degress F. The temperature does not change much. Annual percipitation of 10-30 inches of rain. The months December- February there is hardly any rain at all. It is important to conserve this biome because there are endangered animals. Also the monthly changes are imortant to us because the changes that we get effect the animals of this biome as well. If we are using too much resources the winter can be colder than usual here, making the winter dry there allowing the plants to die and the animals to starve because they are not getting any water.


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