Savanna Biome

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Savanna Biome

Savanna Biome

Animal lifeElephantWhild DogBlack MambaCaracalChacmaMongooseZebraLionEmu AntsBuffaloGazelle

Future ProspectThe tremendous variety of wildlife in savanna areas attracts many tourists on safari expeditions. Transportion used by the tourists often damages vegetation and scares the wildlife.On the other hand, in times of bad drought animals can remove the vegetation cover. This leaves the soil inclined to erosion. Desertification (land turning to desert) occurs in extreme cases and can hurt the future of the SavannaBiome.

Plant Life BaobabBermuda GrassCandelabra TreeElephant GrassGum Tree EucalyptusJackalberry TreeJarrah tree Kangaroo Paw Manketti TreeRiver BushwillowUmbrella Thorn AcaciaWhistling Thorn

In the savanna biome, all the animals and plants are extremely dependent upon each other for a food supply. If one species of animal were removed, the entire ecosystem would be altered.

Lions are the main predators in the Savanna. Without them other animals will soon begin to diminish. If one thing in the ecosystem is disturbed the whole porcess will suffer, eventually greatly hurting the ecosystem.

Animals such as zebras may become overpopulated if their predators die out. This will cause over grazing which makes the grasses harder to grow. If these grasses do not grow other animals and insects will suffer.

Plant life will be hard to get back when it is gone. The entire cycle gets disturbed.

There are both dry and rainy seasons in this biome. Plants and animals have had to learn to adjust to this climate by migrating around for food and water.

Fires can start in the Savanna when the grass gets worn down and the ground turns to desert. Fires do not affect too many plants becasue they have learned to adapt to them. Some have thick stems and others are highly flammable.

Illegal poaching has affected the populatuon of different animal groups in this region. If this continues the ecosystem will be negatively impacted. Even with laws not to hunt people still want the big prize of hunting in the Savanna.

Fauna ' Flora Interdependence Meat eating animals in the Savnna depend on the other animals eating shrubs and grasses so everybody can survive. Wild grasses in this biome provide food for a variety of animlas in this biome. If the grasses did not grow the larger meat eating animals would have nothing to hunt. There is a very diverse population of both plants and animals in this area. Without some the others would not survive; they all depend on one another.


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