Saudi Arabia

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Social Studies

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Saudi Arabia

Total Fertility Rate(TFR)-2.21Infant Mortality Rate-14.09Natural Increase Rate(NIR)-16.09

Crude Birth Rate(CBR)-18.51Crude Death Rate(CDR)-3.33

Age-Sex Structure(2014)-0-14(27.6%)(female=3,681,616) (male=3,869,961)15-24(19.3%) (female=2,458,339) (male=2,832,538)25-54(45.4%) (female=5,323,373) (male=7,086,004)55-64(4.5%) (female=555,136) (male=674,571)65 and older-(3.2%) (female=420,146) (male=444,302)

Saudi Arabia

HIV/AIDS= 0.01% for adult prevalence rate(2001)School Life Expectancy= Male-16yrs Female-17yrs

Age Dependency Rate-45.5%Life Expectancy- 75.05 Male=72.79 Female=76.94Net Migration Rate= -1.51 migrants/1000

Population Densities= 27,752,316 and more males than females(30% are immigrants)Urban-Rural population= Urban-83.1% Rural-16.9%Percentage of Farmers= 6.7%

Part 1

1)Saudi Arabia’s demographics have increased over time and will continue to grow.2)Birth control pills are most available, and other contraceptives available in the U.S also used, health care is also provided and getting increasingly better3)Abortion is illegal at any stage of pregnancy, and Saudi Arabia’s government is satisfied with the fertility level4)Government of Saudi Arabia excludes women to vote, an act for equal rights for men and women has been in effect for a couple of years 5) Most immigrants come from countries like Oman, Yemen and Kuwait.6) Most emigrate out of Saudi Arabia to places like the United States or neighboring countries like Oman and Yemen.7) People leave Saudi Arabia because of war and natural disasters like sand storms and earthquakes.(They lose about $1,662 per earthquake) They move to the country for money because if you can land a position there, as an experienced and educated person compared to inexperienced people it could pay off well.8) Saudi Arabia is in stage 3 of the demographic transition. (moderate growth of population)

Part II

Political map

Physical Map

Current Population Pyramid

Population Denisty Map

Life in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Life


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