Saudi Arabia

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Social Studies

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi ArabiaCulture, Government, Economy, History

LocationThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in ________. It is located in Southwest Asia, also known as the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is bordered by the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. It has some of the holiest sites in Islam in the country and a large Arab and Muslim population.

CultureReligion: The majority of the population are Muslims. There are minorities of Christians and Jews.Food:Holidays:Entertainment:Places to see:Clothing:

GovernmentType of government:Head of state:Head of government:Currency:Exchange rate:Any instability in government?Coups?PUt pictures of the people in charge,

HistoryAncient History- Some place on your poster you need to have the history of your country. Start with ancient history... So here I would put soething about Saudi Arabia's ancient history.

HistoryModern history- Here I would talk about history from the 1700s to the 20th century.Current Issues- Here I would finish the history portion with recent history (past 20 years) and current events.



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