Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

The population of Saudi Arabia is 28,83 million people.The GDP of Saudi Arabia is 748.4 billion dollars.Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia.The land mass of Saudi Arabia is 2.15 million square kilometres.Soccer is the most popular sport in Saudi ArabiaThe currency of Saudi Arabia is Saudi RiyalSaudi Arabia is the birthplace of IslamSaudi arabia is the largest country in the world without a riverIn Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive a carThere is no alcohol allowed in Saudi Arabia

Both members of the G20.Saudi Arabia is Australia's second largest market in the middle east.In 2009, Australia imported from Saudi Arabia over 576,000 sheep worth 55 million aus dollars.Saudi Arabia is Australias biggest market for passenger motor vehicles.Other major exports to Saudi Arabia is Barley and meat products excluding livestock and beef.The cost of imports from Saudi Arabia is $379 aus million dollars and the cost of exports to Saudi Arabia is $2,596 million aus dollars.9 million Saudi Arabians have enrolled in Australian education.In 2014 13 milion Saudi Arabians visited Australia.Australia imports a lot of oil from Saudi ArabiaAustralia exports feral camels to Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

I found it interesting that there is a lot of trade between the two countries with animals. I found it perplexing that Australia export camels to Saudi Arabia. I also found it interesting how Australia exported as much as they imported from Saudi Arabia. I thought we would import quite a bit more than we export.

Life In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia National Anthem

ConclusionHaving a good relationship with Saudi Arabia is very important because Saudi Arabia is a very powerful country. The connections have a big impact on us. For example, Australia is able to export sheeps that are feral to Saudi Arabia and we can get oil to drive our cars from Saudi Arabia. We need to learn about these countries because it gives us more knowledge on world topics and polictics. It also helps us with our common knowledge.


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